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Threading an Unbelt through your belt loops is a little bittersweet. On one hand, you experience a kind of fit you never knew existed - finally! On the other hand, you realise you'll never again have buckle bulk under your t-shirts, that gap at the back of your jeans, or the laundry day fuss of unthreading it from your belt loops.

Wait. That's just sweet.

  • Flexible, adjustable stretch band
  • 1/8"-thick all-metal buckle
  • Washable in your belt loops

Guaranteed to last... and to become totally indispensable.

We designed Unbelts to fix our pant fit problems without the pinching (ugh, muffin-top) or the bulk of regular belts. We also added full adjustability from sizes 0 to 24X, and machine-washability. It's a practical, wear-every-single-day solution that lets you stop hitching up your jeans - and start enjoying the way they were meant to fit.

A pant-keeper-upper totally unlike any other

Closes waistband gap

Because you should be the one to decide when you show your undies.

Machine washable in belt loops

Hurrah - no more belt unthreading on laundry day! Unbelts live with your jeans.

Loves hips from 0-24X

Outrageously comfortable and built to hug, not pinch. Consider your top unmuffined.

Invisible under tees

Our all-metal buckle is only 1/8" thick. Buh-bye, bulk. *hair flick*