Ethical - Clean Formulations - Free from Common Allergens - Cruelty-Free 

Handcrafted in the Canadian Prairies from fresh, wholesome ingredients. We're committed to bringing you clean, natural, and affordable beauty products.  Our goal is to create luxurious cosmetics exclusively using ingredients that are derived from nature.  

  • Instead of FD&C dyes, we use ethically-mined minerals and natural colourants
  • Instead of synthetic fragrances, we use essential oils and organic food-grade flavours. 
  • Instead of silicone polymers, we use plant-based oil, butter and waxes. 
  • Instead of controversial preservatives, we use bio-based preservation systems. 

We are committed to choosing ingredients that are least likely to cause skin irritations and allergic reactions.  Our products do NOT contain:  Gluten (our Vitamin E is derived from Rice Bran or non GMO soy), Tree Nuts,  Bismuth Oxychloride (common mineral irritant).