About Us


Simply put, Prudence is about making good choices.  It incorporates balance and practicality with one’s own desires, means and sense of morals.  Aristotle defined prudence as “right reason applied to practice.”  At Prudence, being prudent takes into account many factors, including quality materials, ethical practices, fair trade or local production, clean and safe ingredients and good value.  Overall it’s our goal to provide "good things" made by "good people" to "good people" while never losing sight of what is beautiful, desirable, functional.  We are prudent in our selections, so you can be too.

Our History

Prudence first opened its doors in November of 2009, when owner Connie Gonyea sought to create a modern store with a focus on quality, ethically made natural fashion, skincare and cosmetics.

Since its beginning, Prudence we have attracted customers with a relaxed, playful sense of style and a love for all things natural. We appeal to the discerning and 'prudent' customer that desires unique products.

Our store has a characteristic traditional market feel with a focus on fairly traded and locally made products. Here you can feel good knowing you are getting the very best!

"We are passionate about our skincare and cosmetics, purveying only product lines that meet our high standards".

Our Values

At Prudence we wish to provide our customers with the best health & fashion products amidst industrial mass produced clothing, which is why we prioritize products that are:

-Made with Natural Fibers


-Fairly Traded

-Canadian/North American Made

-Flattering Fits & Styles

-Comfortable, Wearable

Come visit us!

155 Craig Street

Duncan, Canada

Mon - Sat 11am - 5pm

Sunday, 12pm - 4pm