Denman Island Chocolate


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Cherry Cashew, Quinoa Chai and Coconut Squared are Coconut Milk bars.

All other bars are Dark Chocolate.

The best ingredients

The chocolate that goes into all our products is made for us in Europe. It has a signature smoothness, along with a cocoa richness not found in other chocolate bars. The resulting combination makes for a not too sweet intensity that defines the true chocolate experience.

To our chocolate we add a variety of ingredients: fresh hazelnuts, dark roasted coffee beans, tangy dried raspberries and cherries, pure essential oils, coconut milk, chipotle powder … and more. All ingredients are organic. Our chocolate bars come in a whole lot of flavours, any one of which you could happily spend the rest of your life with. They vary in chocolate intensity from 63% to 72% cocoa mass. That’s a lot of cocoa! This makes for an intense, less sweet flavour that is rich and chocolate.

The beauty of Denman Island Chocolate bars is also what we don't put into them. Our chocolate has less sugar than most other brands and contains no palm oil, waxes, gluten, soy, corn, preservatives, or artificial ingredients of any kind. Our chocolate is also peanut-free. We are Canada's original certified organic chocolate company (PACS certification #16038) so you can be confident that all our products are free from chemical residues and genetically modified organisms.