3/4 Slv. Tunic Dress w/pockets


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Made from a lightweight 100% Linen twill weave, the colour is soft and earthy, a warm peachy brown tone. This dress is ideal for wear in Spring and Summer.

Bias-Cut dresses have a close-draping fit. Bias cut means the fabric is cut on the diagonal grain rather than straight or cross grains, which causes the fabric to fall and drape around the body's shape, creating a slinky silhouette. 

Stay cool and comfortable in this durable, temperature regulating (keeps you cool in summer and warm in autumn), anti-bacterial (stays fresher longer) fabric!

Linen tends to wrinkle but that is part of the casual ‘look’.

The fabric responds best to being hand-washed in cool water and hang-dried. Give your garment a quick steam and allow space when hanging it in your closet. Linen responds well to a medium hot iron.