Winterchild Necklaces

Esther Winter, jewellery designer draws each original Winterchild symbol by hand. The symbol is then forged into a hardened steel stamp. Next, the stamp is hammered into the sterling silver necklace pendant to create an imprint. Final touches include curving the silver and polishing.

The Winterchild Cord Necklace features a handcrafted 1.25 cm sterling silver disk framed by high quality Japanese "E" beads on a waxed cotton cord with an adjustable sliding knot. Choose from 12 original symbols.

Handcrafted in the Yukon, Canada.

Aurora Dancing: I named this lovely dancer Aurora, she dances to her own rhythm, and in her wake she leaves beauty. Were I the wise woman of an earlier, less-scientific time, I believe this would have been my explanation of the magical Aurora Borealis.

Beaver: Beavers are animals I have a lot of respect for. I admire their remarkable work ethic, their ability to actually construct dams and lodges and especially their tightly knit family unit. I’m sure you’ll agree that the seconds between catching sight of a beaver and hearing the sharp slap of its tail on the water is truly delightful!

Canada Goose: The sight and sounds of a flock of Canada Geese flying overhead in their wide heavenly “V” are such a welcome sight every spring and fall. They truly mark the changing of the seasons for us. I admire their strong family bonds including mating for life and keeping their young with them for an entire year.

As a flock they are perfect examples of how much teamwork can accomplish, during migration flying an astonishing one thousand kilometers a day. This is a truly extraordinary accomplishment and a lesson for us to learn about how very important teamwork is.

Dragonfly: A favourite memory is canoeing lazily in a pond near Mayo, with flashes of iridescent blue and green dragonflies buzzing everywhere. Few performances have captivated me so well. They had my undivided attention.

Eagle Circling Sun: There are so many things to admire about the eagle. In this design, I envisioned her high up in the sky, circling the sun. She is soaring higher and higher, delighting in her freedom and her strength.

Elk: One morning I recall the pleasant surprise of waking up to a resting Elk calmly munching away on the grass just outside my tent. What an unforgettable morning that was!

Elk are the second largest members of the deer family in North America. Being very social, elk are often found in herds and are very vocal with each other. Anyone fortunate enough to hear the sound of a male elk bugling during rutting season will not soon forget such a remarkable performance.

Grizzly Cub: The image of the grizzly cub brings to mind a playful, inquisitive fellow who is so much like we are as children. Grizzly cub's zeal for life is completely captivating. I am inspired to watch, listen, touch and taste as they do, to experiment more, and lose myself in the moment more often.

Hummingbird: Hummingbirds are spectacularly skilful fliers, both capable of hovering and changing direction in midflight. As well, their wings beat at an incredible 55-75 beats per second, an almost impossibly fast action.

Hummingbirds are only found in the Americas and when Spanish explorers first encountered hummingbirds in the New World they called them "Joyas Voladoras". I believe this is the perfect name for the hummingbird for the translation means "flying jewels"!

Loon: The call of the loon is one of the most familiar sounds to a Canadian's ear. It evokes in me the image of a still, misty lake with a mother loon and her babies following close behind.

Mother and Child: When creating this image I envisioned my children's great, great-grandmother as a young Gwich-in woman. She is smiling with delight as her baby plays with her braid and thinking how perfect her baby is. She represents the unfaltering love that connects all mothers with their babies throughout all of time.

Raven: The raven is always present whenever I am outdoors. Sometimes ravens sound like they are having conversations with one another. They are so intelligent that I have no doubt that they actually are! I am pleased to share this space with them.

Wolf: One winter afternoon I caught sight of a lone wolf while driving. Slowing to a halt, I watched him walking in the snow, he stopped and looked directly at me before going on at the same pace. The pure confidence in his gaze made me fully understand why the wolf is so loved and respected.

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