Birch Paper Dreams Necklaces

Each pendant contains a layer of pure birch paper and a transparent photograph of a flower, inset in a 2.5 cm sterling silver case capped with domed glass.

Each pendant is suspended on an 18 inch silver and copper coloured double strand cable (nylon covered stainless steel cable wire) with a sterling silver clasp.

Handcrafted in the Yukon, Canada.

Arnica: Arnica are part of the sunflower family and are often found along gravelly roadside banks. Coming upon a patch of arnica is very uplifting with their many delicate cheerful yellow flowers facing the sun!

Bluebell: Interestingly, mountain bluebells have been used in folk remedies to treat respiratory congestions as well as for healing bone and tissue wounds.

Crocus: Springtime's first crocuses create a feeling of celebration! Schoolchildren give their teachers fist-fulls of crocuses, offices have coffee-cups filled with crocuses and everyone is pleased as punch that spring has arrived!

Fireweed: The fireweed is the Cinderella of the flower world. Taking root in the ash and remnants of a forest fire, the fireweed bloom and bring not only life but superb beauty to the burned area. Interestingly, fireweed petals have been used as a folk remedy for easing inflammation and to ease skin irritations.

Pussy-Willow: After seeing the first ones out, we happily pronounce that "the pussy willows are out" to the next person we see! They always make us smile. In the comedy of nature, the first signs of spring are actually wearing a furry coat! Interestingly, the inner bark of the willow has been used as a folk remedy for pain relief and to aid inflammation.

Lupine: Lupines grow in abundance in the boreal forest with waves of blues and purples everywhere you look! The Lupine's leaves are also noteworthy; after a rain, the droplet of water cupped in the center of the Lupine's leaves is one of the beautiful images in all of nature.

Wild Rose: Every spring as the weather warms into summery temperatures, wild roses burst into bloom. They grow in rich abundance with the flowers varying from the palest of pink to deep fuschia against the lushest backdrop of green leaves. Interestingly, wild rose petals have been used in folk remedies to ease skin irritations and rose hips (skin only) are rich in Vitamin C.


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