Bamboo French Terry Tunic


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"Dress like you’re already famous" Exclusive Bamboo Brushed Tunic featuring a stylish collared neck and 3/4th sleeves with roll-up handcuffs offers you a modern look. This tunic comes with a zipper that has a stylish design. 

- 3/4th sleeves with roll-up handcuffs

- a zipper with a stylish design. 

- a stylish collared neck

- Fabric: 67% Viscose from Bamboo 28% Cotton 5% Spandex


 “There’s no greater luxury than Bamboo.”

- SUPER SOFT: Bamboo has a soft luxurious feeling similar to Cashmere.

- GENTLE ON SKIN: For sensitive skin, the Bamboo fabric is ideal. It is Naturally Hypoallergenic to avoid skin irritations.

- UV PROTECTION: Bamboo fabric has UV blocking properties, which is perfect to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

- BREATHABILITY: Bamboo has close to twice as much moisture absorption and ventilation compared to traditional cotton. Thus, leaving the wearer comfortable and dry for a longer period.

- ANTIBACTERIAL: Bamboo has natural antibacterial elements which keep bacteria and germs away. leaving the fabric odor-free.

- THERMO-CONTROL: Bamboo fabric is temperature regulating can perform in all conditions.